Activity Room


While you're enjoying your stay at The The Budehaven Guesthouse, you don't have to go far to start having fun or enjoying some light entertainment. 

Pool Table & Dartboard

Why not grab your favourite beverage and compete against an opponent in a game of skill with our professional Pool Table and Dartboard.


After a hard day of hitting the sea, sun and the sand, walking around the beautiful countryside, or perhaps doing some shopping - nothing beats the classic of relaxing in front of a large TV and having a well earnt rest. Relax on your own or enjoy some light socialising with your fellow guests in front of your favourite shows or at the bar. Do it your way, and enjoy being fully charged to get back to what ever it is you want to do the next day!

Nintendo Wii


Enjoy the excitement on offer with the Nintendo Wii. We have a selection of family friendly games which can be played versus the computer to enjoy alone, or why not compete with your friends and family to see who will emerge the victor!

Children's Toys

A classic selection of children's toys which will keep their young minds engaged and challenged, whilst you enjoy a moment to yourself.